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Frequently asked questions

We believe in À La Carte up front pricing based on the number of forms we prepare for you. You can calculate your total cost on our pricing page. No Monthly Fees. No hidden state fees. No “bait and switch” up-charges like some other big name virtual tax prep companies.

The short answer is it depends on your unique tax situation. Just know we have you covered and our CPA’s will analyze your unique tax situation and recommend the optimal tax structure for you in the current and in future years.

The biggest obstacle to filing the S-Corp tax return (1120S) is having a complete income statement and balance sheet (if required). If you do your own bookkeeping, great, we will take your financial statements, if you need us to do bookkeeping we can help you with that as well. If you want to keep it simple and just fill in an income statement template yourself we can provide a template and guide you on what is deductible to your business.

If you have one or several brokerage accounts, are a casual trader or meet the IRS definition of a “Day Trader” you will need year-end brokerage statements detailing the results of your trades. Depending on your classification, you will be required to pay taxes, capital gains or possibly ordinary income. Regardless, we have you covered and can handle anything from casual traders or active day traders.

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