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A less taxing way to do taxes

  1. Upload your tax docs
  2. Schedule a call or video conference with a CPA
  3. Approve and sign your return
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Introducing a less taxing way to do taxes

> DIY tax sites only leave you confused and concerned about identity theft and security

Accountants and tax franchises charge huge fees, mostly to pay for offices that sit vacant nine months a year

Why is something we have to do every year so difficult or expensive? It doesn’t need to be. Enter Taxhub™

how it works

1: Create account & upload your tax docs

directly to our website via our client dashboard you can even text or email a picture of them to us.

2: Schedule a phone or video call with a CPA

where we ask you pertinent questions about your tax situation and then complete your return

3: Approve and sign your return

through our Experian-powered verification process. It verifies your identity, asking questions pulled directly from your credit report, making identity theft impossible.
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Taxhub™ is a smarter, cheaper simpler way to file your taxes with a CPA, from the comfort of home. Your Taxhub™ experience averages 50% of what you’d pay an accountant.


  1. Soloprenures

  2. Independent Contractors

  3. Crypto Currency Traders

  4. Landlords

  5. Expats

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