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"There is no excuse not to innovate, and offer your customers more and more every day. That’s our pledge, to you."

The major players in the tax industry have been around for quite awhile. Their numbers are few and their offerings, limited. Which means they’ve been successful in spite of themselves. Without much competition, they’ve not needed to innovate. To customers, a stagnant business model means few options. But what if they worked harder for you? What if they offered more? What would that look like? We wondered the same thing, and decided this industry should work harder.

This is our solution for you:

  • The professional expertise of meeting with a private accountant – minus the high fee.
  • The independence and comfort of doing it yourself in your own home – minus the guesswork over complicated tax questions.

At TaxHub, we believe it’s time to bring the transparency of the new economy to places that haven’t embraced it yet. And the tax business is one of them.

You’ll pay about half what you’d pay an outside accountant, working with TaxHub. If you’ve earned a tax refund, we believe you should be able to enjoy that as much as possible. Not fork it over to us.

Meet our core team

George Birrell, CPA

George Birrell, CPA

Head Tax Geek & Founder

After earning his master’s in taxation and scoring in the top 10% of his class on his CPA exam, George began his career in public accounting. 12 years in, he transitioned into controllership for an engineering firm. Even as his career evolved, as an innovator it was never far from George’s mind that when it came to consumer tax prep, there had to be a better way.

When he found that way, the idea behind Taxhub took shape. Determined to bring customers a better tax experience, George began discussing his idea with an equally passionate Creative Director, who partnered with him to help bring this idea to the masses.

When not vigorously pursuing his dream, George enjoys spending time with that same advertising Creative Director and colleagues, working out at his local CrossFit gym, and keeping up with his Morkie, Wuzzy.

Krista Kuhn

Krista Kuhn

Creative Director Copywriter & Co-Founder

An award-winning advertising Copywriter and Creative Director for 20 years, Krista got her start as a poet and storyteller. She still writes her own stories, but these days you can more often find her helping brands write theirs. TV, print, digital, social, there’s no medium she hasn’t met, and mastered.

When Krista met George, he told her his idea, and she helped him bring it to life. A brand was born. Already looking ahead to their next chapter, George and Krista have got even more innovation on the way, for Taxhub customers.

When not dreaming up ways to make the often-unfriendly landscape of consumer tax prep more personable, you can find Krista feeding friends while cooking up a storm for her food blog, photographing NYC, and taking in live music every chance she gets.

Nagaraj Poojary

Nagaraj Poojary

Lead Developer

Nagaraj is the Yoda of coding elegant, responsive websites that make customers feel right at home. Finding unique ways to pull functionality from the back end through to a seamless customer front-end experience is his passion. A kind soul, the only thing ruthless about Nagaraj is his approach to testing, and execution of Agile methodology.

A native of Gangolli, India, these days Nagaraj calls Chicago home. When not developing best-in-breed digital solutions, Nagaraj is mapping out his most purposeful wireframe yet: The blueprint of his life, with new bride Komal.

Michael Simonson

Michael Simonson

Marketing Strategist

Michael is the quintessential marketer. He has traversed a number of interesting areas in his career, and has great tales to share from all of them. Michael has worked on everything from digital political campaigns (the origin of his best stories, as you can imagine), to the decidedly less Machiavellian area of wine and spirits.

A super-sleuth at discovering marketing channels that haven’t popped-up on anyone else’s radar, when not identifying customer patterns, Michael can be found playing roller hockey and enjoying a good book.

Our Advisors

Stephen Gregorio

Stephen Gregorio

EVP & Chief Financial Officer at XebiaLabs
Ari K.

Ari K.

Sr. Manager at Synopsys Inc

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