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1 Select an answer for each question below and we will calculate your S-corp tax savings

A)What is your estimated yearly net income (revenue less expenses) for the business?


B)What is the salary you would pay yourself?


Annual Self Employment tax as a Sole Proprietor -

$ 21,020

Annual Self Employment tax as an S-Corp

$19,125( You Save: $1,895 )

Estimated Total Savings From S-corp Conversion$1,895

2 Review the Costs to Convert to S-Corp

Initial state registration cost to form an LLC / S-Corp (if not already formed)
Registered Agent Fee (if required)
Taxhub's fee
Annual cost of administering a payroll
Annual state LLC / S-Corp registration fees
Estimated Local Business tax
Total first year cost of S-Corp administration
Estimated Net savings from S-Corp conversion

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